Dry Plucking and Hanging

All Woolley Park Poultry is traditionally dry-plucked then hung for 3-14 days in cold rooms.

This process not only helps preserve the natural texture and enhance the superior flavour of the bird, but also ensures a greatly extended shelf life because it is so naturally processed.

Dry-plucking poultry is started on a machine whereby the machine operator takes each bird and removes the majority of the feathers.

Once this is completed the bird is then meticulously hand-finished. Conventional plucking methods can compromise hygiene standards and taste in return for cheaper production costs.

As quoted by Poultry World Magazine, ‘…immersing poultry into hot water can alter the taste…’ and ‘…with water being absorbed like a sponge, producing “soggy” chicken that doesn’t refrigerate well…’

Up to 5000 chickens can pass through the same water using conventional plucking techniques; the quality of the water can deteriorate and ‘…allows for faeces and bacteria build up…’ which can lead to ‘cross contamination’. (Source: Poultry World Magazine, July 2008)

At Woolley Park Poultry we do not share this ethos and uphold only the highest standards when rearing and processing our birds.

If you have any further questions or queries about dry-plucking and hanging please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.