Free Range Geese

Our Geese are the old Emden Toulouse breed and relish the opportunity to forage for the natural food found in their roaming area.

We rear the geese from chicks when they come to the farm in July. Once the goslings are strong enough to face the elements at about 1 and a half months old, we let them venture outside.

For the last 2 months before Christmas, we supplement the geeseā€™s feed with maize as this contains high energy oils which are superb for developing the right kind of fat just under the skin to give more flavour.

Maize is also naturally low in protein so it promotes a natural growth rate. The Geese benefit particularly well from being dry-plucked and hung as this process preserves the layer of fat under the skin (holding lots and lots of flavour) and enhances their already superbly succulent meat.