Free Range Corn Fed Chickens

Our corn fed chickens wander about the farm roaming the paddocks and orchards on a corn-based diet – we feed the chickens a mixture of our own home-grown wheat and maize that we buy in from other farms.

Both the wheat and more so the maize, are from a cereal crop from a high quality food group. The high energy oil content within the corn promotes natural growth rate and adds to the overall flavour and texture of the meat by developing the right type of fat in the right place.

The corn diet is phased in from 4 weeks old as the birds mature and venture outside.

Quality corn-fed chickens are distinguishable by the yellow tinge in their skin and legs. The outdoor environment gives them a fantastic full flavour and taste that you won’t find in any of the supermarkets.

Try one of these meaty birds and see for yourself the difference.