Welfare and Husbandry

The health and happiness of all Woolley Park Poultry is paramount. With the effort that is required to dry-pluck poultry it just wouldn’t make sense to only do a half-hearted job with the well-being of the birds.

We want to give our birds the best possible welfare conditions and we achieve this by paying close and frequent attention to them, as well as the basics of providing dry, clean bedding and feed, daily. Checking the birds throughout the day is an essential part of the routine. We inspect the birds at least 3 times every day to ensure only the best welfare standards for our small flocks.

Over and above the birds having access to the range, we also provide sand and grit which are fantastic supplements to the diet of poultry. There is also shelter on the range, mostly in the form of hedgerows to encourage the birds to range and give them protection from the elements.

At Woolley Park Farm, we passionately believe in producing top quality birds by dry-plucking and hanging but equally by ensuring that in the flock, the birds are as fit and well as can possibly be. The happier the birds are, the more they will roam and develop a fuller flavour which in turn means an unbeatable tasting product for you.

Furthermore, we are proud to emphasize that our birds never go through any stress from day old chick to slaughter. Once they are on the farm, they stay on the farm and even at slaughter they are caught-up by the same small experienced team which look after them daily. Although this has always been the norm to us as poultry producers, it is the dismal truth that the majority of poultry has to travel many miles in stressful conditions to reach their place of slaughter. We are proud to offer Woolley Park birds a guaranteed happy and stress-free life.