Woolley Park Farm

We wanted to tell you about our beliefs and provide you with a bit of history on this page. We’ve also added some lovely farm scene photos for you to browse through. Enjoy!

The Christmas turkeys and geese of Woolley Park Farm all started with Geoffrey Candy 50 years ago when he decided to rear a few birds for the local residents of Bradford-on-Avon.

The birds were gratefully received by all and eventually Russell, his son got involved, gradually took over the reins and started to expand the enterprise.

Local people continued to return year after year which gave us the idea of starting to produce dry-plucked birds all year round. That’s how Woolley Park Poultry has developed so far.

At Woolley Park Farm, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the loyal customers who continue to come back year after year. We appreciate your support and undoubtedly recognise that you have a palate of real distinction!